Bed bugs in hotels

Bed bugs in hotels

A hotel can be a great place to spend the night especially when you are in another town and It can also serve as a great place for a much-needed vacation. The cool environment along with the peace and quiet can be a very good place for you to clear your head but beware, you are not the only one enjoying the coolness of hotel rooms, bed bugs enjoy the ambiance that hotel rooms provide. Moreover, hotels, motels, and guesthouse provide a constant flow of people for bed bugs to feed on. If precautions are not taken, bed bugs can happily hitch a ride to on your luggage or fabric back to your home.

When passing a night or more in a hotel or motel, it is good you do a thorough inspection of the room to see if there are any bed bugs before you unpack. A flashlight will come in handy for the inspection, so before you leave your home, take one with you. As soon as you enter the room, place your luggage and other personal items away from the bed and furniture. Keep them in places that would likely not have bed bugs in them like the bathroom. You wouldn’t want a couple of bed bugs to latch on to your property unbeknownst to you.

  • With a flashlight, check the mattress as it is the most likely areas to find bed bugs. Look out for signs like skins, shells, brown stains and Live bedbugs.
  • Next, check underneath the mattress for signs of bed bugs using your flashlight. If you spot any signs, report to the hotel management and ask for a different room at the other end of the building.
  • Check around the furniture in the room and also picture frames on the wall. These places provide good hiding spots for bed bugs as well.
  • Pay attention to cracks and crevices around the nightstand and fixtures in the room. If there are any drawers, wardrobe or closets in the room, thoroughly inspect the corners for any signs of bed bugs.
  • Come along with plastic bags to keep your dirty clothes during your stay. A cluster of dirty clothes on the floor provides a good nesting spot for bed bugs. Keeping your clothes in an airtight bag can prevent the bugs from gaining access to them.
  • You can also keep your luggage and other personal items inside the plastic bags as a precautionary move.
  • You can also take precautions on getting home if you feel a couple of bed bugs followed you from the hotel.
  • Immediately wash your clothes when you get home
  • Vacuum your suitcase and luggage clean inside out and discard the contents immediately in an airtight plastic bag.
  • You can also store your luggage and suitcases in a plastic bag to prevent any stubborn bed bugs that the vacuum cleaner failed to catch from nesting in your home.
  • Thoroughly Clean your shoes and other personal items to reduce the risk of bed bugs infestation.

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