Correctional Facilities

Bed Bugs InfestingCorrectional Facilities

Correctional facilities like prisons have the three main ingredients bed bugs need to survive, multiply and wreak havoc; they have people to feed on, cracks and crevices to hide as well as a cool environment to breed. Most correctional facilities have inmates ranging up to their hundreds and thousands. These large concentrations of people moving about and with the favoring environmental conditions, there is bound to be a colony or two of bedbugs around the facility.

It is not just inmates that are at risk of bed bugs, officers on duty, visitors, staffs, and vendors are also liable to bring in bed bugs to the facility or leave with a couple of bed bugs back to their homes.

Uniforms, laundry, medical supplies, food, and maintenance equipment bed bugs use to get a free ride in and out of correctional facilities undetected. Even the most secure correctional facilities are not safe from being infiltrated by bed bugs.

Bed bugs are survivals and part of their surviving traits is their remarkable ability to make any spot in correctional facilities their home. From jail cells to laundry room and offices, you name it, Bed bugs can live long and prosper there.

There are so many means, motives, and opportunities for bed bugs to live off. Correctional facilities provide free available meal 24 hours a day for beg bugs. It won’t be strange to find the world’s most obese bed bugs in correctional facilities because their victims are usually caged most of the day. Where it is officers or inmates, they don’t really care as long as there is a meal

Early detection and thorough inspection can be very helpful in solving the bed bugs problem in correctional facilities. Correctional facilities can make use of some of the following tips

  • Wash infested fabrics in hot water
  • Discard heavily infested mattresses
  • A thorough inspection of visitors, staffs, officers and other personnel should be carried out before entering and leaving the facilities.
  • Inspect items and equipment coming in and out of the facilities.
  • Though examination should be carried out on all cells, offices and other areas.
  • Vehicles and other equipment should be vacuum cleaned weekly
  • Furniture and beddings should be inspected often

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