Grade School Classrooms & Teachers

Bed Bugs InfestingGrade School Classrooms & Teachers

Schools are not naturally a common hunting ground for bed bugs but with the influx of more students trooping into schools in their numbers, chances are a couple of bed bugs might hitchhike a ride to school on either the bags and clothing of students and staffs.

Most schools are even more at risk of a bed bug infestation in recent times than before. The fact is that, although schools might not be a hunting ground for bed bugs, they often become one. This is because teachers, staffs, students, and vendors may act as carriers of these bloodsucking bugs and bring them to classrooms and school unknowingly.

As soon as the bed bugs find a suitable breeding spot to feed such as pre-schools and kindergarten, an infestation can occur. Bed bugs often thrive where they can easily get a stationary prey either sitting or sleeping. This is the major reason why younger grades of students are targeted more, although, bed bugs attacks are not streamlined to only them. As a matter of fact, anyone in any age group can be a victim.

Prevention and Early detection are two ways via which the school and its authorities can respond to bed bugs. Bed bugs come into schools from teachers and students that have bed bugs problem at home. These bed bugs usually hide in cool places that give them quick access to their blood meals, such as under desks, chairs and behind picture frames. In preventing bed bugs infestation, a proactive role has to be played by the school authorities;

  • A proper education and awareness program has to be carried throughout the school in order to educate staffs, students, and even parents/Guardians
  • Ensure a clean school environment most especially in the sleeping areas of students. Although bed bugs aren’t attracted by dirt, a clean environment makes it easy to spot them.
  • Clean all beddings and sleeping materials thoroughly. Ensure you wash all fabrics and clothes with hot water.
  • Keep all personal items and properties in sealed plastic bags
  • Carryout extensive inspection of the school regularly and look out for signs of bed bugs such as skins, eggs, fecal stains, blood stains and live bed bugs.
  • Check behind desks, chairs, picture frames, clocks, sleeping areas and other wall mounted items for bed bugs signs

These preventive checks all work towards preventing bed bugs in school and also providing a way for early detection. Even with a thorough preventive system in place, bed bugs can still find their way into schools. If the event that bed bugs are found within the school premises, swift action has to be taken.

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