Signs of bed bugs

Signs of bed bugs

It is usually when the Bed bug infestation is at alarming levels that people start realizing they have a problem. For some people, it is often when they start having bites that it dawns on them that there is a beg bug infestation in their homes. Others don’t even notice the infestation of Bed bugs because of their elusive nature. Despite the difficulty to spot them, bed bugs often leave signs of their presence on your body as well as in the house. These clues give a clear indication of bed bug infestation.

There are many signs that give a clear indication that your dwelling place is infested with bed bugs. We’ve highlighted some of these signs below:

Shed skins or Bed bug shells
Each life stage of a Bed Bug is characterized by the shedding of skin. Often times, these skins are visible in areas of bed bug infestation such as the edges of bed and furniture. Also, empty shells exist where they feed and breed. As they grow from consuming blood, they shed their shells to accommodate their new size. A Colony of bed bugs would often leave behind numbers of skins and shells lying about.

Fecal matter and spots
Bed bugs often leave liquid wastes anywhere they go. These spots usually appear in the form of black or dark brown stains. The size of these stains varies depending on the age of the bed bugs. Mattress, clothing, and edges of bed often have these small stains.

Eggs and Nymphs
Eggs and Nymphs are the early life stages of Bed bugs. Blink, and you might miss them because of their small size. The eggs are white in color and are usually in batches. Nymphs, on the other hand, are also white in color but they become darker as they grow and feed.

Bite marks and blood stains
The bites of bed bugs can be often confused with that of other insects like Mosquitoes. But despite the similarities in bites, a bed bug bite is marked by red flat mark on the skin. They often leave a straight or zigzag trail of bites on their victims.

A building with a severe case of bed bugs infestation is often filled with a strong odor. Bed bugs give out pheromones which have a peculiar smell. A large number of bed bugs will give out a characteristic smell like that of a wet towel. If you ever find your room or office space smelling like dirty wet towels, it is most likely there is a colony of bed bugs nearby.