Where do bed bugs hide?

Where do bed bugs hide?

Bed bugs don’t hide far from their source of food. Therefore, they often hide in areas that people spend most of their time either at home, office or in public places. The list below gives an idea of where bedbugs do hide.

Bed bugs are wandering insects that are always on the move to find the next blood bank for their meals. If you’ve found yourself in a hotel or maybe a guest house with your luggage lying on the bed or floor, chances are one or two bed bugs may have crawled to the edges and hide.fivWardrobe/Closets

The presence of a large number of clothes can provide a good coverage for bed bugs while they breed. The cluster of clothes will provide a good cover and environment for bed bugs to thrive in.

Behind picture frames
As long as the environment is quiet and cool, bed bugs can hide there. The back of picture frames provides the needed environment for bed bugs to hide especially those above beds and chairs. If you look around the floor beneath the frame, you are most likely to find some of the signs of bed bugs like empty shells, stains, and skins.

Dresser drawers
The corners and crevices of dresser drawers provide a perfect hiding spot for bed bugs. Look out for signs of bed bugs on all parts of Dresser drawers.

Just because they are called Bed bugs doesn’t mean they are restricted to beds alone. In fact, we can also call them chair bugs or couch bugs as well. If you spend lots of time in a chair or couch, you will most likely find bed bugs in and around the cushions and handles of the chair

Where else can you find bed bugs than the corners of Bedframes and mattresses? The entire bed area is one region that has most bed bug counts in the buildings. The corners and edges provide a good breeding and hiding ground for them.

Other places to look out for include

  • Tables
  • Edges of rugs and carpets
  • Curtains
  • Electrical outlets
  • Door hinges
  • Books
  • Cars

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