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Bed Bugs InfestingVacation rentals & alternative travel lodging

Vacation rentals and alternative travel lodging can serve as a source of steady flow of income for owners. Lots of people are looking out for places to rest their backs on their vacation trips and vacation rentals are affordable reliable options to employ. Reviews are part of what makes the business thrive and sometimes a negative review like say a mention of bed bugs can leave business tumbling down.

Bed bugs are not the friendly next-door neighbors you hope to get. They are agents of havoc that can make vacation time for your guests miserable. They can latch on to clothing, bags and personal properties of unsuspecting people and use that as a transportation means to get into your vacation properties. Known as hitchhikers, these little suckers on entrance to your property, look for cool and habitable spots where they can hide, breed and easily have access to humans for their meals.

They like their prey stationary hence why they usually attack stealthily when humans are asleep or sitting in one position. Bed bugs are usually termed nocturnal insects but that doesn’t mean they don’t attack when during the day.

You may assume your vacation lodge or travel lodge is clean, therefore, you have no bed bugs worries. Don’t let that flatter you in any way, bed bugs aren’t attracted by dirt, although dirt can assist in their coverage, they are attracted by humans and furry pets. Anywhere that has a steady flow of humans like a vacation lodge, may have a bed bug lurking in the shadows.

Bed bugs are movers and are always on the move. They often latch on to people without their consent from public transports, hotels, office buildings and other places. Unsuspecting guests carry bed bugs on them via their clothing, bags and other items without their knowledge.

As a vacation lodge owner, you have to play your part in ensuring your facility is free from bed bugs.

  • You should carry out extensive checks on all areas of your property your property most especially areas humans are more likely to spend considerable time on like beds, couch and chairs
  • Look out for signs such as live bedbugs, skins, exoskeleton, and eggs. Apart from preventive acts, there is also the need to prepare for any possibility of a guest coming along with a bed bug via their luggage and clothing. Should that be the case, you can take a necessary course of action by using LayerOne’s Sleep Assured bed bug eliminator on the suspected areas of the car. It is The First Natural & Pesticide Free Spray that Actually Stops Bed Bugs Dead. Spray Sleep Assured in suspected areas. Your car sit will be dry and bed bug-proof in minutes
  • Also, to ensure a good night sleep for your guests use effective mattress casings and box springs casing like using LayerOne’s Bed Bug Eliminating Arthropad if you observe any signs on your mattress. LayerOne’s Bed Bug Eliminating Arthropad works where the majority of bed bugs travel – between the mattress and box springs. You can also use LayerOne’s Bed Bug Eliminating Mattress/Box Spring Encasement. It is the ultimate in protection from arthropods.  The Layer One encasement was made to KILL bed bugs using our patent pending ArthroShield™ technology.

With LayerOne products, you can be rest assured that bed bugs will be far from your property.