Bed Bugs InfestingHospitals

Hospitals are known for one thing, cleanliness. That means every part of the hospital or healthcare facility has to be clean. From the doctor’s office to patient wards and laboratory, everywhere is expected to be sterile. Every part of the hospital and every component has to be kept clean and absolutely free of any bugs, most especially bed bugs.

Cleanliness has never been known to stop bed bugs, although it may help you in detecting bed bugs and the signs of bed bugs, it doesn’t really do much other than that when it comes to bed bugs. For a building like a hospital, it becomes very easy to have a bed bug problem as there are large number of people to feed on and spots to hide. Bed bugs like their victims still so it means that they can easily feed on patients and even staffs

With the large array of persons coming into the hospital, it is very easy to have a bedbug problem.

The problem with bed bugs

Bed bugs are small insects with the ability to inflict huge damages. With only two, an infestation is just a stone throw away. They are heavy breeders with the ability to produce offspring in huge numbers. Their small nature means they can easily hide in within mattresses and corners of beds. Cracks, crevices, picture frames and pieces of furniture are also places that bed bugs can easily hide. Their small stature along with their ability to hide makes it very difficult to find them.

Their staple meal is blood. With blood, they can reproduce and stay effective. Because of their need to feed on blood, they usually stay hidden close to where they can get access to human (when searching for bed bugs or signs of bed bugs, furniture, cracks, crevices close to humans are good places to start).

Bed bugs in a hospital are never good news and once one is spotted, it means several more could be hiding in the shadows. A responsive treatment plan is needed to combat bed bugs in hospitals. Your treatment plan should include LayerOne’s ArthroSpray bed bug repellant in combination with Arthroshield mattress barriers and encasements to eliminiate bed bugs from the hospital floor.


ArthroSpray is a very convenient portable bed bug repellent spray that you can spray on surfaces and in crevices to keep bed bugs, lice & ticks away. It is an essential component of medical kits.

To elminate bed bugs where they live and breed, you can trust LayerOne’s Bed Bug Eliminating Mattress and Box Spring Encasements. They provide Arthroshield™ protection on all six sides of your mattress and/or box spring. Our ArthroPad which offers 2-side protection acts as a barrier functioning where the majority of bed bugs travel – between the mattress and box springs.

The Layer One ArthroPad & ArthroCases are made to KILL bed bugs using our patent pending ArthroShield™ technology.  Bed bugs that contact with the Layer One encasement find themselves in a devastating environment.  Made of our entomologist designed ArthroPad material, we call it, “Razor Wire for Bed Bugs”.  When the bed bugs come in contact with  ArthroShield™, their waxy exoskeleton is damaged.  After their exoskeleton is damaged, most bugs die within 48 hour.

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