ArthroCase Bed Bug Mattress Cover (Encasement)


LayerOne’s Bed Bug Eliminating Mattress Encasement uses an all-natural insecticide to KILL bed bugs. It is completely safe for non-insects.


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Bed Bugs Can Hide Where You Least Expect Them

Bed bugs can be brought into your home attached to clothing, backpacks, furniture, and more. They’re tiny, so they can be hard to spot before it’s too late. And once they’re in, they’ll find their way to your bed looking for a meal. Don’t spend your nights as a feast for a family of bed bugs, waking in the mornings to a slew of itchy bites.

Unlike other encasements that are only a barrier or use dangerous chemicals, LayerOne’s Bed Bug Eliminating Mattress Encasement uses an all-natural insecticide to KILL the bed bug. The critical element used in ArthroShield™ has been used as an effective insecticide for almost 100 years. It’s nothing new….except the delivery mechanism: textiles. The ArthroShield™ patent pending technology infuses the critical element onto the textile, allowing a tried and true insecticide to be introduced into our living environments, where the bed bugs live.

How it works

Our unique ArthroShield™ material is soft to replicate the feel of human skin to a bed bug. The pattern of holes in the material was designed by an entomologist to attract bed bugs. We see holes. Bed bugs see an invitation to bore. When they do, DEATH awaits them.

Completely safe for non-insects, this element is a type of physical barrier that will puncture an insect’s exoskeleton if they try to cross it, eliminating them with force rather than relying on toxic chemicals. Insects can not become immune to it. Containing no pesticides, ArthroShield is natural and safe for humans and pets. Always use the normal bedding products along with the Layer One products. While the treament is safe to touch, it will dry the skin if you sleep directly on it.

Why it works

Based on science and entomologist designed, LayerOne’s Bed Bug Eliminating Mattress Encasements are the ultimate in protection from arthropods. Why buy an encasement to just trap bed bugs in or out? The Layer One encasements are made to KILL bed bugs using our patent pending ArthroShield™ technology. Bed bugs that contact with the Layer One encasement find themselves in a devastating environment. We call it, “Razor Wire for Bed Bugs”. When the bed bugs contact with our encasement, their waxy exoskeleton is damaged. After their exoskeleton is damaged, most bugs die within 48 hours.

Contains latex. If allergic, use appropriate precautions and don’t sleep next to it.


Additional information

Weight 63 oz
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 7 in