Colleges & Universities

Bed Bugs InfestingColleges & Universities

Halls of residence at schools, campuses of colleges or universities have various types of shared areas such as a dormitory, hostels, laundry rooms, libraries, classrooms and recreational rooms. These areas often have a large number of students and other personnel flocking in and out every time. These areas provide a good cover for bed bugs to dwell and grow undetected. Bed bugs can easily spread from students to students in these areas. Giving the settings of schools, universities, and colleges, bed bugs can easily spread if left unchecked.

A large number of people found in colleges and universities makes it an ideal place for bed bugs to thrive. Students moving into schools can take precautionary actions against bed bugs. The following tips below you keep you well prepared:

  • Thoroughly inspect your suitcases and luggage before packing into them, especially if you’ve left them lying on the ground for a while or perhaps you traveled with them for the holidays.
  • Ensure you wash your clothes in hot water before packing them into your suitcase. Even if they’ve been washed before, it is proper to give them a rinse in hot water to be on the safe side
  • On getting to your hostel, inspect your hostel bed and Bedframes for any signs of bed bugs. Also, carry out an extensive check of the entire rooms before unpacking your bags and luggage. Check your furniture and other properties in the room. Alert the proper authorities if you spot anything.
  • Inspect any secondhand furniture before bringing it into your hostel. Look out for signs of bed bugs across all parts of the furniture most especially underneath it. If you suspect anything, don’t hesitate to run away from such deals.

School authorities have a role to play in combating the bed bug epidemic. A proper check across all facilities and areas will go a long way in creating a bed bug-free environment for Learning. To make schools, universities, and colleges free from bed bugs, an all-out action plan using LayerOne’s ArthroShield products should be encouraged.

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