What causes bed bugs

What causes bed bugs

As insects, bed bugs are very smart. They have the unique ability to move around and spread using people and their personal belongings as their means of transportation.

We’ve identified the following steps below to help reduce the chances of you having a bed bug as a travel partner.

  • Look out for reviews and feedbacks before lodging in a hotel. Any report of bed bugs is a red flag and that means you should stay clear
  • Even if there are no mentions of bed bugs in any of the reviews, it is important that you check the rooms yourself for any signs of bed bugs. You can use a flashlight to check corners of mattresses, headboards and even face luggage racks for signs of bed bugs.
  • Employ a luggage rack as a storage unit for your luggage rather than keeping them on the floor or on the bed
  • As much as you can, avoid keeping clothes in dressers and try as much as possible to hang them.

You have a role to play in ensuring bed bugs don’t hitch a ride on your belongings and find themselves in your home. Before you step out of the house, you can carry out a few checks for yourself

  • We’ve mentioned already on the importance of checking out reviews on hotels to know about their bed bugs history. If you find any recent complaints, it is advisable to stay somewhere else.
  • In picking a suitable suitcase for your travels, select a hard-sided suitcase rather than a soft-sided one. Bed bugs are elusive and can easily get into any part of a soft-sided suitcase, unlike the hard-sided ones that have very tiny spots for hiding. If you must select a soft suitcase, pick one with a light color because you can easily spot Bed bugs on them.
  • Sealing your luggage with plastic seals especially when flying or checking in your luggage for a journey can be beneficial. The plastic seals would prevent migrating bed bugs from gaining access to your luggage. Ensure you use plastic seals authorized by security regulations.
  • Bed bugs don’t do well in high temperatures and they easily die in high it. You can use that to your advantage by selecting clothes you can wash at high temperatures and place them in the dryer. Clothes that can be washed at cooler temperatures would provide a suitable environment for bed bugs.
  • Again, avoid putting your clothes on the bed or floor of hotel rooms. Even if the room is thoroughly inspected and you can’t find any signs of bed bugs, don’t place your clothes on the floor or bed, you can never be too careful.
  • Try as much as possible to wash all your fabric and clothes at the end of your trip before going back home. If you can’t do that, place all your fabrics in a plastic bag and seal it. Ensure the only time you open up the bag is when you are in front of your washing machine at home. You don’t want to give a window of opportunity to any bed bug to gain access to your home.

Even with all the checks, there are times when you might miss a bed bug or two. If you spot any whilst you are already on the road, you can utilize LayerOne’s Sleep Assured on the suspected areas. It is The First Natural & Pesticide Free Spray that Actually Stops Bed Bugs Dead. Spray Sleep Assured in suspected areas. Your bed will be dry and bug-proof in minutes