The Entertainment Industry

Bed Bugs InfestingThe Entertainment Industry

Movie theaters, Themed Parks, and other entertainment centers are beaming with bed bugs, you want to know why? People. Yes, that’s right, people are the major influencer when It comes to having bed bugs in these places. They act as carriers of bed bugs and unknowingly transport them from their houses to the theaters and apart from that, people also provide the one thing bed bugs love to it, Blood.

Theaters are the perfect place for bed bugs to thrive unnoticed. The dark cool environment, seats to hide along with the constant stream of people means bed bugs have access to an all you can eat buffet and a lovely place to rest and produce eggs. Of the 3 life cycles, bed bugs are known for, the nymphs and Adults are the actual bloodsuckers. The wait patiently for their prey to sit still and whilst they inflict a series of bites on the skin without the person feeling any pain. They use antiseptic and anticoagulant present in their mouths to achieve such feats.

When bed bugs occurrence is prevalent in a theater or themed park, it becomes a major problem and one that could ruin business should word get out.

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