Federal, State & Local Housing

Bed Bugs InfestingFederal, State & Local Housing

Federal, State and Local property managers need to create a contingency plan for bed bugs in their never-ending to-do list. Having a prevention plan and a control plan may just be what is required to avoid damages but in the short and long term. Bed bugs are increasing daily and they are breaching even the most secure and clean environment in their numbers. It only takes one or two bed bugs to start a family right under your roof. You might not have had any bed bug incident in your properties in the past, but times are changing, you ought to be prepared else there is every likely chance you might just be the next to suffer a property invasion.

If you are still not bothered about bed bugs and the harm they can cause, check out the reasons below on why you ought to be bed bug conscious.

Bed bugs can make your property home
Bed bugs are elusive and stealth creatures that can easily make your property their home. They can easily latch on to people and their properties and use them as a means of transportation undetected. Visitors and guests to housing properties can easily bring bed bugs unknowingly. Infested residence close by can also be a source of bed bugs to your own property.

Bed bugs can bite
Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and furry animals. They are nocturnal insects that mean they function best at night. Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices during the day and wait for the right time to attack. They often prefer a stationary object hence why they wait for their victims to sit still or asleep

Bed bugs are difficult to spot
Bed bugs are insects of stealth and as such most people can’t recognize them. Their evasive nature means they can go undetected whilst they build their colony in any property. Their eggs are quite small and often hard to spot. Adult bed bugs often have an oval shape and can be as small as an apple seed with a brown coloration. A recent feed bed bug has a redder color and a slightly swollen abdomen. Typical hiding places for them include crevices, cracks, headboards, corners of beds, picture frames, box springs, and mattresses. They can also hide in other furnitures such as couch, sofas, chairs and dresser drawers.

Signs of bed bugs
In as much as bed bugs are elusive, they still leave signs of their presence behind. In places that they hide, it is common to find fecal spots, off-white small eggs, stains, skins, exoskeleton shells and also live bed bugs.

Bed bugs hinder productivity and reputation
Having bed bugs on private or public properties can be counterproductive. A full-scale infestation can lead to evacuation of the building which may hamper productivity if such building has a business unit on it.

The reputation of a building can be tarnished if news should spread about a bed bug infestation. With the rise of social media in the world today, news can spread like wide fire. It can be bad for business and the reputation of your building as a property manager for news about bed bug infestation to spread.

What to do
The issue of bed bugs shouldn’t be treated lightly. Swift actions have to be taken using a reliable solution. You can trust LayerOne’s Bed Bug Eliminating Mattress and Box Spring Encasements. They provide Arthroshield™ protection on all six sides of your mattress and/or boxspring. LayerOne’s Bed Bug Eliminating ArthroPad acts as a barrier functioning where the majority of bed bugs travel – between the mattress and box springs.

The Layer One ArthroPad & ArthroCases are made to KILL bed bugs using our patent pending ArthroShield™ technology.  Bed bugs that contact with the Layer One encasement find themselves in a devastating environment.  Made of our entomologist designed ArthroPad material, we call it, “Razor Wire for Bed Bugs”.  When the bed bugs come in contact with  ArthroShield™, their waxy exoskeleton is damaged.  After their exoskeleton is damaged, most bugs die within 48 hours