Nursing Homes

Bed Bugs InfestingNursing Homes

Bed bugs were once thought to be eradicated but their re-emergence has taken everyone by surprise. Their numbers are on the rise and infestation is now a common occurrence. Bed bugs can easily be found in any place on earth as long as people are there.

With the increase in their numbers, places and environments that were not associated with bed bugs infestation, like nursing homes, hospitals, public transports and healthcare facilities are getting their own fair share of bed bugs assault.

Places such as Nursing homes are getting invaded by bed bugs every now and then. Despite the fact that Nursing homes are clean and spotless, these bloodsuckers are still running rampant. It should be said that bed bugs don’t care about the cleanliness of a place, in actual fact, cleanliness really has nothing to do with bed bugs infestation. They are attracted by people and nursing homes have an abundance of people in them.

The challenge posed by bed bugs

Adaptability and stealth are the two main attributes of bed bugs. They can easily adapt to any environment and also hide from been detected by humans. With these two attributes, they can easily go undetected whilst they feed, breed, lay eggs and rest.

Part of what makes them stealth and elusive is the fact that when they bite, the secret anesthetic and anticoagulant that numbs the pain. The only sign you would get after a bed bug feeds is the bite marks it leaves behind

Control measures to implement

Bed bugs are bad for nursing homes and great attention has to be taken to ensure the prevention of any bed bug epidemic. Nursing home owners and managers need to be proactive when it comes to bed bugs.

  • First, a proper education and orientation have to be given to workers and staffs on what bed bugs look like and how they operate. Staffs should be thought on the various signs that show bed bugs are in an area
  • Thorough inspection ought to be carried out on all areas humans frequent like the waiting room, guest rooms, and other areas.
  • Incoming guests and their properties should be examined if you suspect any bed bugs on them.
  • Cracks, holes, and crevices around public areas should be thoroughly examined as these are typical hiding spots for bed bugs.
  • Nursing homes are too delicate to have a bed bug infestation on them. Care must be taken to ensure a safe environment for clients and staffs.

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