Rental Car Agencies

Bed Bugs InfestingRental Car Agencies

It sounds funny that Cars can be thriving spots for bed bugs but that is the reality. Apartments and buildings aren’t the only breeding grounds for these little insects, cars, most especially cars from rental car agencies provide the perfect setting for bed bugs to carry out their nefarious activities.

Bed bugs don’t really care if you are sitting or sleeping, they only want a meal from you and don’t care which posture you are in at that moment. A rental car provides a welcoming environment through which bed bugs can rest and breed, whilst waiting for their next blood meal.

Precautions have to be taken to ensure that these bloodsucking hitchhikers do not get a hold of you or your property when you are in a rental car. A car provides different sets of humans for bed bugs to feed on, all the bed bugs need to do is just wait till another human enters the car, and they get their free meal. You can save yourself from being a free meal to these little insects by taking some of the extra precautions listed below:

  • Carryout extensive research of the car agencies before you employ their services. You can easily go online and read reviews about their cars. Any mention of bed bugs in any of the reviews is a red flag and that means you should go for another Rental service.
  • Check out for signs of bed bugs when you enter the car. Check along the seats, trunks, and seams with the aid of a flashlight for any sign of eggs, fecal stains and even live bed bugs. If you find anything suspicious, ask for a change of vehicles or simply use another Rental service.
  • If you are carrying any luggage or clothes, ensure you seal the luggage with plastics and put the clothes in airtight plastic bags.

Even with all the checks, there are times when you might miss a bed bug in the car. If you spot any whilst you are already on the road, you can utilize LayerOne’s ArthroSpray bed bug repellent on the suspected areas of the car. It is The First Natural & Pesticide Free Spray that repels Bed Bugs. Spray Sleep Assured in suspected areas. Your car will be dry and bed bug-proof in minutes