Food and Beverage Facilities

Bed Bugs InfestingFood and Beverage Facilities

Restaurants are not free from the tyranny of bed bugs. The news of bed bugs infestation in restaurants is often kept under wraps because restaurant owners know a single rumor can have a catastrophic effect and damage the hard-built reputation. Just because it isn’t mentioned often doesn’t mean bed bugs in restaurants don’t exist. Bed bugs can easily hitch a ride on a fabric, purse, briefcase and other personal belongings of customers into the restaurant or even from staffs and delivery personnel unknown to the owner.

They usually take a cool place with a huge influx of people as their base. Often times, employee break areas and locker areas along with the dining hall, are the common places to find bed bugs.

In getting rid of bed bugs in restaurants, two factors come into play early detection and prevention. Early identification of bed bugs can help reduce their spread around the restaurants if the right solutions are employed. Employees and staff should know what bed bugs look like and also know the signs to look out for a bed bug infestation. Signs like fecal stains, blood stains, white eggs skins, remains of exoskeletons along with a smell like that of wet towels, are all clear indicators that bed bugs are in the restaurant.

Steps can be taken to ensure the prevention of bed bugs infestation in a restaurant. Employees should be sensitized on what bed bugs look like and they should also be thought on the signs of a bed bug infestation.

In the event that bed bugs are found inside the restaurant, a swift action is needed to be carried out immediately. If the bed bugs are found on an item or a personal property, such items should be quarantined and isolated immediately. It is important to take such items to a secluded area and discard immediately. There are times when the Bed bugs are found hiding in a particular spot like inside a Crack or crevice.

There is a need to take swift action as a restaurant owner when it comes to bed Bugs and their problems. At such times, it is important you have a fast solution at hand to combat the bed bugs before they get out a hand. LayerOne’s Bed bugs are the best bet for restaurant owners to swiftly and effectively tackle any bed bug infestation in the restaurant. LayerOne’s ArthroSpray is the ultimate in restaurant protection from arthropods. Just spray on booths and chairs and be safe from bed bugs & ticks. Our product’s critical, patented ingredient (ArthroShield™) provides a ready to use natural insect eradicator which provides pest control against Arthropods and crawling insects. Completely safe for non-insects, this element is a type of physical barrier that will puncture an insect’s exoskeleton if they try to cross it, eliminating them with force rather than relying on toxic chemicals. Insects cannot become immune to it.

Containing no pesticides, ArthroSpray is natural and safe for humans and pets in food facilities.