About Bed Bugs

About Bed Bugs

Now is the time to act and protect you and your family from Bed Bugs.

A lot of folks are unaware of the presence of bed bugs everywhere. Mind you, their emergence was only as recent as the start of the century, but since then, these minute insects have built a name for themselves for being tough and stubborn. Their ability to survive has seen their numbers rise in houses, mansions, and apartments.

The next time you see a beg bug, just know that there is a high chance that a colony of bed bugs is lurking nearby. The rapid growth of bed bugs and the problems they bring has even put the government on high alert about their epidemic.

A single encounter of bed bugs on your bed, will change your opinion on them and make you see them for the problem they are. One thing is certain, Bed bugs know how to ruin your house in more ways that you can imagine. Having a little knowledge about bed bugs will go a long way in making your home safe. We’ve listed some very useful information for you below;

They are difficult to spot
The minute size of bed bugs makes it very difficult to spot them with the eye. Don’t let their small size fool you, these little insects are not small when it comes to the damages they inflict.

They are nocturnal
Bed bugs are highly active at night and rest during the day. They feed off your blood at night whilst you are enjoying a well-deserved night sleep.

Furniture IS their resting place
Just because they are call bedbugs doesn’t mean they only infest beds. As long as it is a type of furniture in your apartment, they can call it their home and easily cause havoc from there. It is important to note that, bed bugs aren’t found only in the home, but they can be on the sits in classrooms, offices, or even the waiting rooms in hospitals.

They are Parasites
Science classifies bed bugs as parasites. They are known specifically as warm-blood feeding parasites. As the name implies, they are attracted to warm-blooded animals like cats, dogs, and humans and feed off them.

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