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Bed Bugs InfestingCruise Lines

It is often the norm to find bed bugs in hotels, houses, motels and other places on land. But recent times have seen bed bugs migrate to the seas and oceans. Yes, you read that right. Bed bugs are now finding their way to cruise ships at an alarming rate. These small nocturnal creatures will go anywhere there are humans. For them, humans mean food and what better way to get an endless supply than on a cruise ship filled with the mighty and rich.

Bed bugs are never good for business and a single one might just be enough to send things to spiral down. These bloodsucking hitchhikers are stubborn in a way, and they resist most treatment methods out there because of their immunity. With a product like LayerOne’s Sleep Assured bed bug eliminator, no bed bugs stand a chance whether on land or sea

If you have a few concerns about bed bugs on your cruise line, the following info will come in handy.

What bed bugs are
They are tiny, flat insects that feed on the blood of humans and furry animals. They are nocturnal and often make their attacks when their victim is asleep or stationary. Bed bugs are wingless, and they have 3 prominent life cycles; Eggs, Nymphs, and Adult. The eggs are translucent in color, while both nymphs and Adult are different shades of brown, although they become red upon feeding.

Bed bugs are prominent hitchhikers
Bed bugs are known for their great hitchhiking abilities. They can attach their selves to clothing and bags of humans and use them as a means of transportation. They are brought into cruise ships via the luggage, bags, and clothing of guests. Dirt does not attract bed bugs in any way, although it might serve as a medium for them to hide when they get on-board, the presence of bed bugs on cruise ships doesn’t mean the ship is dirty. They are carried by humans unconsciously.

How to check for bed bugs
When it comes to bed bugs, a thorough inspection of the cruise ship is always vital. Bed bugs often find themselves in places where people spend most of their time, that means rooms and places with furniture are good hiding spots for them. Signs to look out for include; fecal matter, blood stains, exoskeleton shells, skins and live bed bugs. Also, a colony of bed bugs often give out a peculiar smell like that of a wet towel. Search hidden corners of rooms like crevices and corners of mattresses for signs.

How to prevent Bed Bugs infestation
Preventing bed bugs infestation is a task that must be taken by all cruise ships. These bugs can ruin the perfect holiday plan for guests as well as leave a bad review for the cruise line. Preventive measures such as the ones listed below can be implemented by cruise lines

  • Stewards and staffs should be trained to recognize any appearance of bed bugs
  • All laundry should be done with hot water and luggage vacuum cleaned
  • Routine inspections should be carried in rooms and other areas of the ships
  • Guests should be sensitized to the need for them to check themselves and properties for any possibility that bed bugs might have followed them.

What to do in the event of a bed bug infestation
Even with the preventive checks, bed bugs can slip under the radar. If any bed bugs are spotted, you need an effective solution. LayerOne provides the best solutions when it comes to combating bed bugs. With LayerOne’s ArthroShield™ products, you can effectively eliminate bed bugs on board.

LayerOne’s Bed Bug Eliminating Mattress and Box Spring Encasements provide Arthroshield™ protection on all sides of mattresses and/or boxsprings. And LayerOne’s Bed Bug Eliminating Arthropad works where the majority of bed bugs travel – between the mattress and box springs.

The Layer One ArthroPad & ArthroCases are made to KILL bed bugs using our patent pending ArthroShield™ technology.  Bed bugs that contact with the Layer One encasement find themselves in a devastating environment.  Made of our entomologist designed ArthroPad material, we call it, “Razor Wire for Bed Bugs”.  When the bed bugs come in contact with  ArthroShield™, their waxy exoskeleton is damaged.  After their exoskeleton is damaged, most bugs die within 48 hours